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The Crew


Phoebe is a black and white cat with attitude, she likes things on her terms, is very lady-like but given her advanced years she likes to sleep and take things easy.  She is officially retired from active duty but retains the rank of Admiral and occasionally goes on patrol.

Chloe, a striped-ginger and white cat, is a new addition in recent years, originally a stray kitten but with her golden eyes and flamboyant ear-hair she now serves as Chief of Security onboard our floating tiny-home.
She is full of energy and checks out everything, is always on watch and misses nothing.
- Security is a full-time job!

The Captain


He's a sort of strange fellow, a prolific rescuer and enthusiastic sympathizer of stray and helpless animals.

He made the decision to sell all of his stuff, and live full-time on a yacht with his 'cat crew'.

Being the only human on board, his role is not exclusively confined to the duties of Captain but he must also fulfill many other much more important roles such as Chief Litter Box Emptier, Food Replenishment Officer, Feline Entertainment Specialist, and Catnip Supply Chain Manager...

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