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The Crew


>>>We are currently in the process of acquiring some new crew<<<
Watch this space for updates...

Chloesaphina Delafontaine
, a striped-ginger and white cat, originally a stray kitten but with her golden eyes and flamboyant ear-hair she now serves as Chief Security Officer onboard our floating tiny-home.  She is full of energy and checks out everything, is always on watch, and misses nothing.- Security is a full-time job!

Phoebe Alexandra was a black-and-white cat with attitude, she liked things on her terms and was very ladylike but given her advanced years, she liked to sleep and take things easy.  She was officially retired from active duty but retained the rank of Admiral until her passing on the 14th Dec 2022, Aged 18yrs 8mo.

Phoebe was there right from the start of this site, despite being the oldest, she was the bravest and the most curious of the crew and sailed for thousands of miles as a loyal companion and friend, she is, and will always be dearly missed.


The Captain


Just a guy with a boat...

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