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0014 - The Tobermory Cat

I had to go into town to find a battery for my watch - I suspected the battery had died, as my watch has just ceased to function... So, I went into this shop.

I got my watch battery and changed it over - My watch is still dead - It lives in the garbage now, salt water destroys everything - watches, camera gimbals - the stuff is ruthless.

While I was in the shop I noticed an orange cat sleeping on a chair behind the counter, and I mean sleeping like no one was watching - completely oblivious to my presence, or anyone else's presence for that matter....totally confident he wasn't going to be disturbed in any way. I did note that the owner of the shop was now forced to walk and stand around the shop, having lost his seat to his furry co-worker - And the very fact that he didn't make the cat move says something about the shopkeeper and the relationship he has with his cat - I respect, and understand that - I know that love.

Now, this is no ordinary cat - he's in fact a bit of a local legend - And the star of a Children's book - Everyone here knows who he is!

And now YOU do to!

His owner, well, I think we all know you can't own a cat, but the person who cares for him is the owner of the shop.

The owner also told me that he didn't choose the cat, but the cat chose him - classic cat behavior - and well the rest is history!

His name is Ledaig, and he is named after a local brand of Whiskey - and at the time of writing this, he is 14 years old

I went back to the shop the next to take some more pictures of this little cheeky chap with my good camera, but he wasn't there! I was informed that he was out doing his rounds....

A little disappointed I left the shop and was taking some pictures of this colorful town and bumped into two women who were also visiting Tobermory - I asked if they had been to the shop to see the cat - They hadn't, but they had met him just moments earlier, a little further down the street! I told them about the books and pointed out the shop where the cat could normally be found. I was a little sad I didn't get to properly meet this little celebrity during his waking hours, but there is something nice about knowing he's out there doing his thing and meeting new people, somehow I didn't have to meet him during his waking hours to know he is an awesome little chap.

He's out there somewhere, just doing his thing, kinda like me. I get messages from time to time from people who say I was in such a place at the same time - and had I known you were there I would have visited and so forth....but I'm just out here doing my thing and sometimes our path cross, some times they don't - but I know he's out there going about his important cat-business - and I like that.

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with the publishing, distribution or sales of this little book, nor do I earn any commission for the promotion, nor have I been paid in any way to make this post - I just think he's a cool kitty

And if YOU ever find yourself in Tobermory, please visit this shop - you might just be lucky enough to meet this little local hero!


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